Batteria Yuasa Yumicron YB5L-B / YB5L-B-BS 12V
Capacità di Ah (20 ore): 5.3 CCA @ -18C: 60


Personal watercraft, snowmobiles and ATVs make special demands - and YUASA's YuMicron Battery meets them head-on. The high-tech, power-boosting design also makes YuMicron ideal for accessory-laden touring bikes and modified vehicles.


  • Heavy duty glass mat resists vibration damage
  • Special thin Separator packs in extra plates, delivers up to 30% more cranking power than conventional types
  • Through-the-wall intercell connector minimises internal resistance, maximises power
  • Sulphate Stop curbs plate sulphation - and provides longer life

YB5L-B = DC / YB5L-B-BS = CP

Tech Spec

Ulteriori informazioni

Tipo di pacchetti DC/CP
Capacità di Ah (10 ore) 5
Capacità di Ah (20 ore) 5.3
Peso con acido (kg) 2
Volume di acido (litri) 0.36
Corrente di carica (Ampere) 0.5
Tipologia di terminali 6
Lunghezza (mm) 120
Larghezza (mm) 60
Altezza (mm) 130
NCC Class N/A
Feature Range YuMicron
Front Side Top
Assembly Figure